10 worst dating profiles

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Check out our list of the 10 worst profile photos that you can post Even if you think that old photo of you and your ex is the best photo of you ever taken, resist the temptation to upload it.Whether you try to crop the other person out or even Photoshop them out, it’ll be obvious, and the only thing your match will think is ‘I wonder what his/her ex looked like?These are the most horrific, most cringeworthy online dating fails on the web.

The Clutterville It’s such a shame when guys see an absolutely beautiful woman standing with a hoarder’s dream in the background.’ By the same token, it’s extremely refreshing when you come across a profile that doesn’t feature these tried and tired phrases.When someone’s taken the time out to make their page even just a little bit original, it’s like water in the desert – a reminder that not everyone out there’s saying the same four things about themselves and what they’re looking for.To my unpleasant surprised, I discovered that women and men are making common online dating profile photo mistakes.Here is a list of the top 10 worst types of online dating profile photos, women’s edition.

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