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These are the best sources for information on the mobile industry overall (Almanac) or the handset side of the industry (Phone Book).

Both have over 100 charts and tables covering every statistic you could hope for.

Allegedly, this morning Microsoft will announce it will buy Skype for .5bn.

It is Microsoft’s largest investment into the digital realm so far (and a nice cash-out for the people who bailed Skype out from e Bay a while ago; the valuation at the time apparently was put at .75bn).

The future would seem to lie in mobile networks rather than fixed-line anyhow (LTE and all), which means that there will need to be some sort of rapport between vendors and service providers (such as Nokia/Microsoft/Skype) and carriers, and even mighty Nokia has already lost a fight over Skype in the past (see also here). has passed 17,000 Twitter followers and the blog has passed 6 million lifetime views. The Tomi Ahonen Phone book 2016 was also just released in Decmber 2016.Tomi T Ahonen - Author, Consultant and Motivational Speaker - Author of twelve bestselling books on mobile, already into multiple printings and translated into several languages, Tomi's books and theories are quoted in over 140 published books by his peers.Besides this, you will find posts on: It is conference season and one of the more exciting ones kicks off in Berlin this week: Mobile 2.0 opens its gates on Tuesday and boasts an exceptional line-up to look at the future of mobile.The very, very high-profile set-up of speakers includes: and many, many more, including, yes, yours truly (I’ll be on two panels, namely on the succinctly titled panel on “redefining the mobile content marketplace: exploring the growth, development and industry implications of mobile app stores” and on “building strategies around the drivers of innovation in mobile web 2.0”).

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