90 percent of your dating issues solved

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If at birth, you had the mental capacity to choose where you’d like to live for most of your life, one of these 10 countries should probably be on your list thanks to proper infrastructure which allows for opportunity.

Even if you end up being the most mediocre producer, you are still miles ahead of much of the world.

And, 57 percent of Millennials, the generation most likely to date online, reported feeling lonely.

Maria Avgitidis, matchmaker and founder of Agape Match, tells Bustle that women often come to her upset, exhausted, and frustrated after using dating apps.

The survey also found that 15 percent of singles feel addicted to the process of looking for a date, with Millennials being the most obsessed — we're 125 percent more likely to say we feel addicted to dating versus older generations.

While men are 97 percent more likely to feel addicted to dating than women, 54 percent of women feel totally burned out.

As a solo founder with an eye on expenses, I bootstrapped everything myself, including SEO.

I reached out to blogs, wrote articles and built personal relationships.

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With some traction under my belt, I decided to launch my second site, Trolling

I figured I could use the cash flow from Right Channel to grow my new site quickly by outsourcing much of the SEO.

So I hired an SEO firm to improve my rankings, thinking it would free me up to focus on other aspects of the business.

Matchmaker Hellen Chen once stated that she thinks we're spending too much time dating.

She believes you need a spouse to achieve true happiness and freedom.

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