900 sex chat

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Things get out of control when we get them to reverse roles and the psychic starts roaring like a lion.

Very Slow Psychic Spessa asks if she should shoot herself in the foot, then we ask for lotto numbers.

What happens when someone calls a 900 phone sex number?

When you call a 1-900 number, the first thing you hear is a preamble, which is required by law.

Things get really hot when RBCP is proposed to, because nothing turns a man on like the prospect of marriage.

These types of phone lines were very prominent in the 80's and 90's, but aren't too popular these days since they can't be dialed from cell phones.

Once a thriving industry, the adult 1-900 is still alive but has been gradually eclipsed by Internet-based adult entertainment such as erotic web sites and live web cam shows.

However there are still some providers out there and business is still good, as long as they provide better customer service and specialized niches, they do fine.

Comedian Moshe Kasher and Sex Educator Ashley Manta share their stories at both ends of a phone sex chat line.

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