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Our "hands-on" approach is different from what they are used to. These questions will be addressed in this article, which is the second part of "Meeting the Challenge of Content Instruction."Meeting the Challenge of Content Instruction Discover how the standards movement currently sweeping the US will have a positive impact on the education of ESL students, while also presenting instructional challenges to ESL and mainstream professionals.

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For example, the use of body language to describe an object. Create an environment that enhances learning of the English language.There are a number of ways to support, or scaffold, instruction for ELLs, even if they are at beginning levels of English proficiency.These ideas from veteran educators can help make content more accessible and provide students with an opportunity to participate in all classroom activities.(2 Pages | 504 Words) Learning a new language can be an exciting experience.Assess the students’ level of understanding of the English language.

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