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I wake up each morning thinking about the future of the community in this country.I’m one of the lucky few to have a loving family who have eventually learned to accept me for who I am.

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If you’re gay, you have to be funny and you should work as a make-up artist or a fashion designer. Enough with old religious concepts of morality and stuff. Companies can fire gay employees, if not force them to stay in the closet. Conservatives and even quasi-liberals cringe at the idea of same sex marriage, citing the infamous sanctity-of-marriage argument. Co-habiting same sex couples do not have the same rights as co-habiting heterosexual couples. This country in general is run by heterosexist nuts. But you can see teenage pregnancies, marital disputes, and concubinage on TV–that and all sorts of cliché soap operas and movies that fail the Bechdel Test. But two guys showing love for each other is a no-no. Save My Husband’s Lover–it’s a rarity; and the romantic scenes between the two male protagonists were limited to them sharing sweet glances and caressing each other. Well, okay, you’re not going to get hitched there any time soon and discrimination laws are still far off, but for Asian standards, the Philippines pretty much out-pink-ed all other countries we visited during our travels in Asia.The Philippines always ranks high in popular polls ranking the most gay friendly countries, yet it remains a staunchly religious country with over 76 million of the world’s Catholics – this is the highest number after Mexico and Brazil.Because here, “gay men, lesbian women, and transgender people live harder lives than everyone else one way or another; too hard in a place that’s supposedly friendly towards them.” 1. There is a huge difference between tolerance and acceptance. I only see tolerance of a certain amount of the “gay culture.” So what kind of gayness do Pinoys tolerate? The homophobia is certainly uncharacteristic of a country coined as gay friendly. Without any law that protects LGBT people from discrimination, anyone can deny them of accommodations, enrollment, or service and cite their internal policy or religious freedom for doing so.Filipinos like gay folks who live by their established stereotypes. How many gay people are still hiding their true identities from their families, co-workers, or wives? A community that is completely open to gay people should encourage them to come out and just be themselves. It’s curious how difficult it is to pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill in a country that they call gay friendly.

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