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AKWAABA Team Visits Port Harcourt For BANTABA 2017 The Akwaaba African Travel Market Team Organizers of Port Harcourt BANTABA recently paid a visit to Rivers State, to meet with stakeholders.

Port Harcourt BANTABA is an event by the organizers of the annual AKWAABA African Travel Market; it’s aimed at reaching other states in Nigeria and exploring tourism potentials and as well marketing in smaller groups to the travel agents, tour operators and entire travelling public.

“We went to the same table at the same marina bar where we were first introduced and ordered the nachos.

And, of course, we went to Capitol Hill Books, where we’d spent time together that first weekend and where I’d recommended that Brian buy what became the first book we read and shared together, by Edward P. C.”Inside the bookshop, in a back room upstairs, Brian pulled Solange quietly aside and handed her a small key.

This museum also tends to be a favorite of children.

The gems and minerals exhibit featuring the Hope diamond has it's favorites visitors as well!

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akwaaba dating com-20

We weren’t into the idea of a hyphen, so after our wedding we had to go to court and argue in front of a judge why we preferred to use a space. Thus, the hashtag.”Thankfully, the beginning of their love affair was much less fraught. We always joked that there were fireworks—literally because it with the Fourth, and obviously figuratively.”Later that weekend, Brian insisted on joining Megan and Solange on their outing in D. They strolled around the city and ended up at a bookshop on Capitol Hill called Capitol Hill Books, where the owner happened to recite a love poem to them as they were leaving.

The outside view of Rivers state is that of a war zone so one was prepared mentally for a visit to meet with Stakeholders in Port Harcourt for the Bantaba 2017 event.

After a 3 hour delay at the Airport we arrived Port Harcourt and had the surprise of our lives.

Parking around the National Mall is by meter only, about $.25 for 7 minutes, or in commercial garages, about per hour.

There is a very limited number of handicap accessible spaces located throughout the national mall, these spaces may still require a fee.

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