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Amy Vanderbilt is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever.

I collect old etiquette books in general, but hers have always been my favorite, mostly because she’s way crazier than the far more famous etiquette expert Emily Post and seems to have no idea that poor people exist. I have culled these delightful examples of outdated etiquette tips from both the 700-page tome “Amy Vanderbilt’s New Complete Book of Etiquette” and the slightly smaller advice column-style “Amy Vanderbilt’s Everyday Etiquette,” both published in 1952.

That means they have the same emotions as everyone else.” We suspect that the laying off of gifted copy editors at newspapers and magazines is behind most if not all of these blunders.If there was one thing I knew as a graduate student, it was that I would do anything for a tenure-track job. I’d attended four different universities in four different states, abandoning friends and possessions each time.I had asked my then-husband to put his own career into a kind of limbo, never allowing him to stay at one company long enough to move up in the ranks. Professionally, I threw myself into making my research time in Japan a success. Alone in a country where I (initially) knew almost nobody, I didn't feel the romantic sense of adventure I had expected. All the more so when I returned to Texas and found myself craving a greater balance between work and life.• “A unusual twist in Senate process.” • “An very unfortunately named document.” One of the principles of English that Americans once learned in first grade was when to use the article ).But this basic rule has become a mystery to many of us, including otherwise intelligent public figures who say things like “a international effort.” This thing has become an epidemic.

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