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Here’s 12 photos that prove the power of the Cohen/Cooper friendship.

Andy Cohen (left) and Anderson Cooper, photographed here in 2015 during a stop on their joint tour, visited the Mount Vernon bar Grand Central on Friday night, according to the bar's general manager and social media posts.

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Out of the Running to be is announcing a permanent co-host, sharing, "We really didn't set a time frame for ourselves.

We just wanted to wait until we found the right person.

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It’s no secret that the hottest gay celebrity squad is led by besties Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper with a posse that includes everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Diane Von Furstenberg.Who doesn't want to marry foxy, wealthy, otherwise wonderful (except for the whole in-the-closet thing) Anderson Cooper?While this is probably just baseless speculation, I'd like to pretend that it's real.They’ve vacationed together, appeared on each other’s respective shows, taken a bite out of the party python and even launched a highly-successful co-headlining tour. Sat, 10/10 in Minneapolis, MN; Sat, 10/17 in Washington, DC; Sat, 11/14 in Columbus, OH For tickets go to ticketmaster or AC2and use VIP Code: AC2 A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on Originally set up on a blind date years ago, the two decided to go the just friends route after a phone call before the date proved a lack of romantic sparkage.Thankfully, the two became fast friends and lucky us, they enjoy mugging together for the camera.

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