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Bedhopping tales about Omar Sharif, who died last week aged 83, are legion.However, sexpot actress Alexandra Bastedo, a former lover, said the Egyptian star was no gentleman.As the infamous movement’s three-year anniversary approaches, it’s time for gamers to ask: isn’t the only game that’s taken on a financial and cultural life of its own.According to data collected by Newzoo, a gaming industry market intelligence agency, “2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate 8.9 billion in game revenues in 2017.” Even honoring the artificial distinction between “casual” mobile gamers and “real” console and computer fans, there are easily half a billion people in the world who fit under that broad umbrella of “gaming culture.” That dissemination has not only been crucial to gaming’s economic expansion, but it has also exposed millions of people to nerdiness’ seedy underbelly.

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Since the advent of “gaming” as we know it today—console video games, tabletop board-and-role-playing games, virtual reality, and so on—the surrounding subculture had been dominated by men who became its jealous gatekeepers; first to guard against childhood tormentors, bullies, and the like and, over time, simply to keep out those who were different.

Stunt — whose largesse prompted his father-in-law Bernie Ecclestone to label him a ‘flash b******’ — emerges from Sotheby’s auction house after purchasing several paintings.

Judging by his curiously polished look, wife Petra appears to have encouraged a new grooming regimen.

Most threatening of all were women, whose presence grew over time into a monolith of judgment and derision; they had no place in “gamer culture.” Until they did.

Such was the scene in August 2014, when the cancer—eventually bearing the name Gamergate—finally metastasized.

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