App engine css not updating

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When this (if this is what happens) happens, I can confirm that no amount of cache-busting browser work will help.

The Google CDN servers are holding the wrong version.

I learned a lot from those comments, so I wanted to clear up some of the misunderstanding and highlight some of the great tricks other folks shared.For your convenience, App Engine includes the Django and Jinja2 templating engines.import os import urllib from google.import users from google.import ndb import jinja2 import webapp2 JINJA_ENVIRONMENT = jinja2. File System Loader(dirname(__file__)), extensions=['jinja2autoescape'], autoescape=True)class Main Page(webapp2.INFO 2008-09-24 ,174] Detected manual index.yaml, will not update and none of the new indexes are automatically added to the .I mean there is no change in the yaml file after I run the requests that need the new index, but this causes Need Index error in the app engine.

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