Are any of the duggar girls dating 2016

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In 1990, after six years of using credit and gathering some debt, Jim Bob and Michelle attended a seminar on Jim Sammons’ program.

(The seminar is endorsed by their religious organization.) The Duggars then vowed to get out of debt by not purchasing anything they didn’t have cash to cover at the time.

Like, say, one of the less-publicized young Duggar gentlemen finally leaving the nest and starting a courtship of his own. Yes, we realize that the eldest of the 19 Kids & Counting, Josh Duggar, was the first in his generation to get married, but, uh ... As such, his brothers may be shell shocked by witnessing the many Josh Duggar sex scandals, and it's not hard to blame them.

Eventually, the Duggar sons are gonna have to get out in there and start a-courtin' and, lo and behold, that time may be nigh. In the most recent wedding episode predominantly starring the Vuolos, a trio of family friends helped with preparations for Jinger's wedding: Austin Forsyth, Kendra Caldwell, and Lauren Caldwell all helped assemble a large "V" made out of roses to be placed near the altar.

Our recap of tonight's wedding episode will be a few days late, due to our blogging break, but we promise to have it up as soon as we can.

Now, rumors are swirling about the possibility of the Caldwell sisters being romantically involved with TWO of the Duggar men!"When is the courtship announcement coming for one or more of the Duggar boys? “Sooooo…" the Duggar family sleuth added, "Austin was helping with the flower trip, and so were those two Caldwell girls…again…" There is no putting one over on Duggar Nation.Several other fans echoed the sentiment, and now family obsessives believe that we're about to see a lot more of the Caldwell girls.She has also been the subject of a rumor that she was outright leaving the show and the family to go to college.Both rumors were confirmed false, though the latter would have been a fantastic development that, I’m sure, many people would support.

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