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spiritual content: When a rural posse out for blood stumbles upon the remains of a bonfire, they comment that it looks like a sacrificial pit and is "unchristian." sexual content: Marcy’s character seems to exist for little reason other than to provide sexual diversion by yanking off her top at the drop of a hat.She and Jeff noisily copulate when they first arrive at the cabin (moviegoers see breast nudity and frantic sexual motions).Most memorable is the stellar performance by Steven Schub as the estranged, Oedipal and borderline psychotic son.

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But then—one by one—they started feeling nauseous, and began to break out in an itchy, red rash. positive elements: At one point, Paul plays peacemaker and breaks up a brawl between Jeff and Bert, urging them to work together.

Of course, the car won’t start, so they’re stranded ... Paul’s gradual transformation from nice guy to cold-hearted killer hints at man’s innate depravity.

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