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More quiet than loud and reserved in my discussions. Tall dark single and solvent....baggage with a sense of humour and kind disposition...I look younger than my years and keep myself fit and healthy.......I have all my own teeth and hair !!Earlier this year, Kylie was presented with the Britain-Australia Society Award for 2016 by Prince Phillip, a private ceremony at which senior royals are alleged to have given their approval to the match.She was there to accept the Britain-Australia Society Award, so it made sense that Kylie Minogue was wearing a dress by London-Based Australian designer Alice Mc Call. Spice of Life has single men in Sydney join everyday looking for many things, whether it be friendship, love, or a simple date and you could be just what they're looking for.Search Sydney men single and looking with Spice of Life and you will soon be on your way to meeting your special man in Sydney today!v=1" data-pagespeed-url-hash="3491850939" onload="pagespeed. Critical Images.check Image For Criticality(this);"/ Secret Notes and Profile Member Ratings are for serious online dating. " class="img-circle" alt="Classic Man - Thai Romances นัดเจอ" src=" ZJRg ABAQAAAQABAAD/2w BDAAUDBAQEAw UEBAQFBQUGBww IBwc HBw8LCwk MEQ8SEh EPERETFhw XEx Qa FRERGCEYGh0d Hx8f Exci JCIe JBwe Hx7/2w BDAQUFBQc GBw4ICA4e FBEUHh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh4e Hh7/w AARCABVAFUDASIAAh EBAx EB/8QAHAAAAQUBAQEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIDBAUGBw EI/8QANRAAAQMDAg MHAw MCBw AAAAAAAQACAw QFERIh Bj FREy JBYXGBk Qc UMh Ujo TM1Ql JTYt Hh8P/EABo BAAIDAQEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEAg UGAQD/x AAk EQACAg EDBAIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDEQQSMSEi QXEFNBNRYf/a AAw DAQACEQMRAD8A2m Rth5 EZ/3n4TOrz Xjn Yad/BZkt GT6Ubg6t/Nuyq Pq Z9S6rhy30tjtt ZD904mc5g2hw MD1Jz6LG8Xc VX 2VMj Kes ZTQtfi P9lricn YDbmu T8QXO48Rc Ra55Xz Tvw Hv LQDge GBy TEYu Cydh Upvrw Xd VUT3ud9Vdrg6re45Pa PLmt/j A9kz DTWmn G4n Yc82SED2wq59jvte NMc XZx N/Fp Ow SX8Lc QRRls U8bf HA5ZQZyn Pme PQ/XCu HEMmgp OKbn ZJWOo7l LUU2d4qhxk H87/AAuqc N3ynv8Aa I6q Ey Nc0lskex0O8Rnx Hmvn Wrtn Ed NLm SJz8e LVvfolfuzu NVa5g Y5Jhr Acc Zc OYx6Irj2c5Fr ILdl LH8Ou OHR7h7BIfs N5Hf ASXSEn JKZlk2QYk UJl Pe/q O Ah RZH95CKc L/Wkucc FMdo Oo Xhk HVDw Bb OLf UW7m O9VNI8klkxc3fk D/w BJjg Jj Kmokqj GMA6Wu Wu s NJTO4c Mra WI1GO9Lp Go ADqs3wz BLRc N0/Zvjje9ur U/l1U75KUFj0O6POepvq OMag A0Fp G6l SU0Lm YLBny Cy1iv Vx E5p/v LZVg DBDSQ9vq Fo Za6Vk Ik NPqk J3a Hb FIOr Y8Nlr C1Sy0irr42se7u DA8lze8SNt/HFvr IB2f77XEs2zvuthdr3c JXvjba4oxyy Zg T8LG8RU8tfd7ZHDE/t ZJMa Rueqb08JQl3c CWqn Gc Ong7p HLqia7q0FJkfsm YI5WQRs LXEho Geq8l Eg By0q SRXJj Uj 8h RZXlrs Fp Qi YPGj7Ujkc I7Z3 Yq GZF52ijg Eys4 0y8Pv ZI0PDnbg9NJVHa Ld S3Kzx Ubg06QNPst Je KZld QPidn IBLT54Kx3Ct YYJmt J2BQbk8ZLLQyi1t ZNj4Wgt1VNWRHTI9wf KTu XHOdunsp1wiqh SUwke QJg Rk DGPNS7vcoex Zm KR7HHdk Qy5x6KFc7v T1EVNE Opjczb JYSGnzxy S/f N7m WUa4RTRkpu FZm V00 o5k GMas6OW4PPw/l Wtlts Q4kgkc S51NC4gnqc DKu6 sh ZQi Vp OXDJCq OFQ6Wpqa5zi Qe43Pz/wma5yk8s R1Nca63jyaky Jq R4wm TKmp JEZIr Ue Sv Gt Ciy Sd5CJg8XMt XDGWi SZj Ce Qc4DKWKhm QNbcnk M81863 8Vd0qj U1U7nv O3PYeg Va rn/ANa Q45Zc Th PL49 WJPULPB9E3Diiy UM/21Xc YY5C0ktznb2WEtl1o5rl Umjl L4O0c WOIxlcpd K5x7xz45PNarhq N/w Cnxz Rnvai QOu 4Qt Tp I11j Wivbs N9 qv BLKgy NZ4Ybn KVX3imexojqg4gb Nc0jboqa Kugf AQ b S4de YUapr KUM7Q1DHAe Ocn0Vd GC/Rcuaxz1LKsu8k1OI2Dv SO0sat RZ4Bb7cynd I10n5Pwf Erjf E9ZJ9s CHOY5zg WDOCPNNWfjbi C3yf3Cap YBj RO8v Htnc J6n Rtwyip1Wq79r8Hc TOOe U2 bycf Zc5o/q Xqj YKugc X/AOIsft8FX1v4xstd Iy KOq MUr9gy Rp Bz68lx6ey PKIQtg/Jo HSb8nf CFDlmw7Zx KFHay WThzn52yky HOEmb Y58Qm9WWgq ZUin LTc G3OFr BQ1B0n Vqje T15j/AN1WXJy Ql0Qa6ria44Be AT03Qbq1ZBpha LHXNNHVpa CCUB0k TXah XIq JLbq WEF8c LQRu XE5V3DTyx Uz YZG5LBjz VTxa XU1jq H5LMM5h Z6GXPYj Qywob2jnn FNW2eu Mc Zy2Px6l VIOB5p JJLjk5Xvit FXDZFIztk3OTkx1jj4J1rtw Gkg885Uc HCA4 G5RQZvr Pxh FFRMgr2Pe PZr276h5o WEa54Hg PVCC6Kwv5pkir2JHRRATo90IRg TFA8l7GS1wc Du Dl CFGXBJHf KQ9pb6OZ35Pibn4Cxv1Xneyz RRNw BLMGu9ACUIWfp wv Zf3f Wfo5cfy QORQha Az4Z2KUzkf NCF1HBbdxz Pyh CF08f//Z" data-pagespeed-url-hash="3491850939" onload="pagespeed.

Apparently I'm quite domesticated so I do clean and cook at home also I can change a tyre and change the oil in a car; Super independent and quite happy about myself on a personal note I don't jump from one relationship to another thus being stable and no baggage.Well educated with 3 university degrees and financially secure working an extremely good job Healthy, happy and have a positive outlook on life Mature enough that I can make good, responsible decisions but still like to have fun on occasion Love travel, music, animals, culture, fitness, personal development, seeking adventure and living life Have basic Thai language skills but keen to learn more Secret Notes and Profile Member Ratings are for serious online dating. " class="img-circle" alt="Classic Man - Thai Romances Dating" src="/userfiles/Profile Photo/2170/5848-100x100.jpg?I'm a introvert and yet very sociable now that's being an oxymoron right there, I'm confident but not arrogant and definitely hilarious.Not going to lie I'm bit of an old soul but far from boring.

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