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But with teamwork, Siege is a game where you can reinforce or smash walls and tiny, fleeting relationships—more dating sim than twitch test, and it’s this special social element, combined with an impressive amount of tactical depth, that makes Siege one of the best competitive shooters I’ve played.

Gaming was primarily invented by, and marketed to, boys.

The text refers to the computer as "your whole family's vehicle to a more imaginative, exciting and manageable world." The girl in this ad could be replaced with anyone of any age, and the ad's meaning would be the same: the home computer is for everyone.

That changed after the video game recession of the 1980s.

During this phase, the attacking team sends in tiny remote control drones to sneakily survey the defense.

Holding down a button marks the last spotted position of defending players, while other defensive structures are communicated over voice chat.

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