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He works in the building I live in and we have a crush on each other. Although I may be fine with it now, it wasn’t always that way. I learned that it is possible to practice safe sex with a trusted partner even after contracting an STD.

AIDS-related illnesses are killing women of color daily, and this study should not be a chance for people to point the finger, but instead a time for everyone to break the silence when it comes to sexual health in the black community.

It is always that as a people we stick together, but we allow and support the stigma in our own community against talking about the reproductive health of women, or even the issue that black men don’t see doctors on a regular basis, which is why many are diagnosed later with diseases that, caught earlier, could be treated.

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“Its important,” she explained, “because of the illness it causes for people with it, and the fact that it can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth, and the very important fact that it facilitates HIV infection,” she said.

“So, since it’s a lifelong illness, unlike say gonorrhea, it probably contributes to the high rates of HIV — especially among Blacks in the states.” Being educated on the alarming rates of sexual diseases would be the best way to tackle what could become an epidemic in the black community.

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