Blind person dating

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You never have to worry about a bad hair day, or wearing make-up. You can walk around naked without being self-conscious. (You might have known this already, but in case you didn’t I felt obligated to tell you now, as the rest of this post won’t make sense unless you are “in the know.”) Now, let’s move on. You save money when buying a smaller TV or phone, because all you really need is the sound, not a big screen. You can flip your friend the bird (give him/her the finger) when you get frustrated with him/her… You can lie to his/her face about the new outfit he/she loves, even if you think it’s hideous. You will never awaken to screams for you to kill a spider. ) Surprise, surprise, you are actually reading a guest post from Max’s editor and friend, Lorraine Reguly. And feel free to drop either one of us a line in the comments, too. Kerry has a blind brother, Brian, who wrote a song about the perks of being blind. You don’t have to be the map-reader when travelling with friends on a road trip. You can avoid looking at unpleasant things, like a gory accident, or something else that’s disgusting. You’ll never get asked to paint or wallpaper a room during home renovations. Kerry is a blind blogger who loves to write and travel, and is known by two alternate names: The Insightful Wanderer and Her Headache. Does being married make you more equal in their eyes or more of a true adult? If you are married to a sighted person, what are the benefits and liabilities?

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You don’t have to buy light bulbs or have a night-light on your bedside table.

Community Q&A Ever see a blind person that made you go "WOW"?

Did you realize you had no idea how to approach him/her? Learn how to tactfully and respectfully pick up that hot blind person you see everyday trying to cross the street!

“What is the percentage of blind people married to sighted people? That is what we will be talking about during our next get together of Issues Facing Persons Who Are Blind.

Lovely though it is to have a friendship in which this question can be raised so easily, I realize there is much about dating and marriage among the blind that would make for valuable discussion.

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