Boot ini file is corrupt missing or needs updating

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- change rdisk = number of your HDD, partition = number of partition.

For example - configuration 0 1 (default) is for HDD #1 Partition #1,configuration 0 2 is for HDD #1 Partition #2,configuration 1 1 is for HDD #2 Partition #1, etc.

NTLDR is Missing Computer has become an important part in daily life.

Computer not only entertain by watching video, films and listening songs but it also store important data such as file , folder , documents , photo, software and much more.

One of the important file which is required to load and run proper functioning of operating system is NTLDR and having the extension .ntldr.

These errors are usually shown on a black screen with white writing and you cannot get anywhere further.

For information on how to obtain the Windows XP Professional Resource Kit in its entirety, please see

Related Information Understanding the Startup Process Recovering from Hardware-Related Problems Additional Resources To diagnose and correct a startup problem, you need to understand what occurs during startup.

The first step in isolating startup problems is for you to determine whether the problem occurs before, during, or after Microsoft Windows XP Professional starts up.

The root cause of startup failure, including contributing factors, can stem from a variety of problems, such as user error, application faults, hardware failures, or virus activity.

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