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Yet, there seems to be no consequence of being discovered.Few of the people who walk in on a masturbation session say anything about it, generally being too embarrassed themselves to say anything. The woman who uses the screen name "lilsecrett" can be seen streaming video of herself masturbating just seconds before she’s approached by two people. CBC News is not disclosing her name because there are no criminal charges filed against her, and because there have been threats to her personal safety.Concerns that someone will discover them masturbating are justified; more than half of those surveyed have said someone has accidentally discovered them masturbating at least once.Even people who have little guilt about masturbating in general feel ashamed to be discovered in the act; most refer to it as being "caught," as though they were doing something immoral or illegal.

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Nearly everyone would be mortified to be accidentally discovered masturbating, or to accidentally discover someone masturbating. People often delay or postpone masturbation when they feel they lack privacy, and people often stop masturbating while painfully close to orgasm when they hear a sound that threatens their privacy.

Most of the people who discover someone masturbating are older and experienced with the practice themselves.

Being discovered by a spouse is different from being discovered by someone else, because the spouse is usually more concerned about the impact of a partner's masturbation on the couple's sexual life than about the act itself.

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