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‘s Craig Timberg and Ellen Nakashimi wrote a must-see story detailing how the U. Once Edward Snowden leaves the dubious charms of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, he has multiple options for his next destination.Following an announcement by Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro on Friday that his country would grant asylum to Snowden if requested, Nicaragua and Bolivia quickly filed suit.

Snowden is facing an unclear future as he lives in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport, new leaks are revealing how the NSA spies on American citizens, and tech companies are in revolt for their own reasons. We’re tracking–and explaining–news about this story as it unfolds. p.m., 07/08/13 A new Ed Snowden interview came out this afternoon–Glenn Greenwald and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras spoke with Snowden in Hong Kong… However, Buzzfeed’s Jacob Fischler found that The government will follow a simple playbook.Tor is a web portal that helps users anonymize their traffic, and has been detailed in various reports so far.VPNs (or virtual private networks) and similar anonymizing services are online tools that can be used to hide the user’s actual IP address, and redirect traffic through proxy servers — used alone, these services might not provide the level of security Internet users expect, but they could be more efficient when paired with these other online tools.Apparently, the agency has a scale for online programs, ranking online services according to how difficult they are to decrypt — from “trivial” all the way up to “catastrophic.” “Monitoring a document’s path through the Internet is classified as ‘trivial,'” Der Spiegel notes.“Recording Facebook chats is considered a ‘minor’ task, while the level of difficulty involved in decrypting emails sent through Moscow-based Internet service provider ‘’ is considered ‘moderate.’ Still, all three of those classifications don’t appear to pose any significant problems for the NSA.” The agency has identified one anonymity method that’s impossible to crack.

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