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I had no problem with it, because in my mind the words flow. But therein lies the problem; the words fail to flow. What you can see is the Johanna often has interesting things to offer, even - especially - on the subjects of gender and women's issues. You could always get literary and use the medieval slang belle chose (literally "beautiful thing")...

I've thought about it and I believe it's because most of the words, at least ones I can come up with, have very harsh sounds in them. She is informed, intelligent, articulate, and totally unabashed about who she is. I have a friend who objects to the word "vagina" on the terms that it's Latin for "sheath" and thus implicitly requires the female genitalia to be defined by the male.

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Now, for those of you who were around for my 'Breasts' thread, you may or may not remember that my original tribute was (or at least was intended to be) composed of very flowery language, not poetic, as I'm no poet, but at least having a beautiful, flowing sound to it.

This is because it was, indeed, a tribute, not meant to be dirty or lewd or anything of the kind, but merely a salute to breasts, which I love dearly. Dosn't it just bring out an image of a soft mound of joy in your head? Since then, I have been contemplating a followup thread with regards to the female pubic area. Calling the whole thing "vagina" is a misnomer, because the vagina is only the inside part, which you can't even see from the outside unless you get gynecological.

'crotch'; very hard C to begin with, and the harsh 'tch' at the end. I think you've got something there, with it being a softer sounding word. Maybe because my mother would use the word herself so it didn't have a bad stigma attached to it. "pussy" sounds like something that would smell bad, to me. Ensign Edison Originally posted by trose How come "vulva" never caught on in general usage? Getting a little historical here: I've often found the term "Ground Zero" funny. We once tried to come up with a better term but couldn't think of one (and this discussion took place in public, so we got some strange looks). Jomo, I know a guy named Yoni (well, it's really Jonathan, but still).

It compares nothing to the word 'breast', which is spoken almost entirely with the breath rather than the teeth and tongue. Vagina does have that science-class ring to it, and just seems too technical. The problem is that the words for the female reproductive area range pretty much from the clinical (vagina, labia, and so on) to the unpleasant (c**t -- can I say that word in this forum? One doesn't want to get into the "dewy love-flower" or "cinnabar portal" beloved of bad romance writers (or at least I don't -- but, you know, go ahead). When I write erotica, I use the "pussy" exclusively. I usually jokingly call it a "hoo-hoo" Or refer to the general area as "crotch" I am not one to name body parts while having sex, so that really isn't an issue. It's got the right sound quality (sounds like velvet), not too clinical, not too coarse ... Just remember that I have "Fat Man" and the other guy has "Little Boy". I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at him the same way again... Men have long had the luxury of naming their member a variety of cute, inoffensive, or humourous sounding names: Willy, John Thomas, Johnson, Dick, One-eyed Trouser Snake, etc.

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