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I hate not having someone to sit up with, chat to, laugh with & be intimate with. I don't know if he is really okay with it or just not saying anything because of the kids. know nothing about....u are asleep and I have a battle zone going on within my heart. Someday ur gonna miss all the times I asked for a kiss and u didn't give me one Someday ur gonna miss me asking for a foot massage after a 12 hour set up day and u didn't bother with me Someday ur gonna miss having me... I took my girls kayaking then I cooked dinner and am now sitting by myself. Now that my baby is 17, we finally have time for us.

Someone who knows when I need some attention, when I need to offload & talk about my day.

short, the whole track -Papoose"After this, you'd need back-up like your spine was up the ceiling/i spit verses so sick, my lines would need miracle healing" -Mode 9"f*ck halloween, i rip this guys (disguise) -Mode 9" . .i spit rounds like a 9 millimeter" -Talib kweli (listen)" . .freaky like the daughter of a pastor/i was 'bait' for her to 'master'/ (masturbate!

Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Music/Radio / Rap Battles / Rap Lines You'll Never Forget (356922 Views) Compilation Of My Favourite NL Lines / Best Rap Lines That Ill Suit This Title.(still In Love) / 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You (1) (2) (3) (4) Flippin in the ghetto on a dirty mattress You cant match this rapper / actress More powerful than two cleopatras Bomb graffiti on the tomb of nefertiti Mcs aint ready to take it to the serengeti My rhymes is heavy like the mind of sister betty Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill Yo You better give me the respect that I deserve or I'ma take it by force Blast you with a 45 colt, make you summersault Shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts Before you wanted a war, now you wanna talk It's about who strikes the hardest, not who strikes first That's why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse That poo was the worse [pause] rhyme I ever heard in my lifecause the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th God bless his soul rest in peace kid It's because of him now at least I know What Beef is It's not what I would call this (nah) see this is somethin different A gay nigga tryin ta make a livin offa dissin Somebody that he gotta know is betta than himbut he feelin himself, cause he got more cheddar than him Well lemme tell you somethin, you might got mo' cash then me But you ain't got the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me And if you really want to show off, we can get it on Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom I'll let you kick a verse, Bleep it, I'll let you kick em all I'll even wait for the studio audience to applaud [cheers]Now watch me rip the tat from your arm Kick you in the groin, stick you for your Vanguard award In front of your mom your 1st, 2nd and 3rd born Make your wife get on the horn call Minister Farrakhan So he could persuade me to squash it, I saw naw he started it He forgot what a hardcore artist is A hardcore artist is a dangerous man, such as myselftrained to run 20 miles in soft sand On or off land, programmed to kick hundreds of bars off hand from a lost and forgotten land, you done did it man You done spitted some wack shittit And probably thought that because it's been a minute I'll forget it Bleep that, cause like Common and Cube I see The Bitch In Yoo and I'ma make the world see it too, motherfucker Canibus- Second Round KO Lets face it, its a sad situation, when we have to resort to keyboards as a means to making relations but i don't have the patience i get straight to the point, so this is me at my most honest, no egos, no gym class status, just travis, love it or leave it but you gotta admit on the scale of one to awesome am the shitt I'd never been a follower, my motto supreme, the only time i ever follow when i follow my dreams, the age of computer, internet themes, I used to laugh when i see them sit infront of their screenstill i did my homework, now i do things different Those the days when i was computer illiteratenow my finger tips make the internet vibrate New Friend Request rmx - Gym Class Heroes ft Papoose I bounce in the club and the ho's call me rocky Posted in the cut and am looking for a blockhead Yup in my white tee i break a bitch back and i keep a big bank oh i think that like that. Lord of ajasado you know who you fuckin wit, wayne, chillen like a scarecrow lookin for some brain - Lil Weezygot a lot of heart, best part is im clever too - jadakissbeside bein real nice, nigga im real trife - jadakissyou need to listen boy, fuckin wit millz yo ass will end up missin boy - jae millztell ya chick she can go see me, you know i get it poppin wit that OPP - joe budden (JERSEY STAND UP!!

Lean wit it rock wit it--------------- Franchize boys Why do half America got AIDSWhy do schools care bout ur son's braids More than they care 4 his grades Why they hate our white t-shirts and hats turned backwards And why is Jesus Christ never played by black actors And why there ain't a MC that can touch me nor budge me And why is Nas the best thing in rap since Chuck D-Nas (Why remix)How we stop the Black Panthers? What Gil Scott is "Heron"When our heroes or heroines got hooked on heroin Crack, raised the murder rate in D. and Maryland We, invested in that, it's like we got Merrill Lynched And we been hangin from the same tree, ever since Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine So we, cook it, cut it, measure it, bag it Sell it, the fiends, cop it, nowadays they can't tell ifthat's that good poo, we ain't sure man Put the CD on your tongue, yeah that's pure man Kanye on Crack Music Now come on everybody, let's make cocaine cool We need a few more half Unclad women up in the pool And hold this MAC-10 that's all covered in jewels And can you please put your titties closer to the 22s? We need champagne Now look as hard as you can with this blunt in your hand And now hold up your chain slow motion through the flames Now cue the smoke machines and the simulated rain Lupe Fiasco on Daydream Continously be bussin yo head while God continue blessin the dead - Bust-a-rhymes I break bread, ribs, 100 dollar bills - Prodigy So many battlefield scars while drivin plush cars cause life as a rap star, aint even poo widout heart - 2pac I'm in the 2006, brand new wagon Lookin' for a diva to handle a dragon And even if there's two of um, i'ma move in and bag um Make sure i'm strapped, keep the Uz and the Magnum Yeah the gun talk, but i'm talkin' 'bout the condom They followin' me home with my dog right behind um Have you ever seen a ass clap on a stallion Another bad bitch half black and italian I dont know if she likes me or my medallion You think i give a Bleep, i'm just tryna get a nut I dont need no-one to build my self-esteem up Im fresh out the hood, but Bleep it its all good Why you can use me, cuz i'ma use you For menage-a-twage, you know the usual And if you do me maybe i'll do you A favour and walk you outside, rightt Lloyd Banks -Get Low (H) Head hoodlum hittin' heads heavenly hypnotizin' Hire hitmen harness be holdin' heaters hospitalizin'High holdin' hammers hectically hittin' herbs homicidin'Helicopter hijackin' holdin' hostages horrifyin'- Papoose (Alphabetical Slaughter)Time's moving fast will i last another day/ so i pray as i lay with my AK/ did i sell my soul as a young kid/ all the things i did/ wishing someone help me but they never did/ i cant take it/ will i make it to an older age/ before i'm shot up or locked up in a f**king cage/ - Tupac [ cradle to d grave]i sold my soul to the devil and the price was cheap - DMX [ cant remember which song ]Oode bi mo she n deagbalagbi to jo j'agbalagba ta le fe fi wewon ni mo ma padon bi r kelly k'lon bi si americama padon bi nelly je kin ri promoterewo gbogbo won bi won she denge dis one no b dubin this one na gengen eheni no go ever rap like mumui advice sum mc's to pls swich to jujueejo e je ka mo awa to kuwon claim oga won de jo fufueverytime la won elesi awon temi gbe de london ni she ni gbogbo won beri suato ba ti damon u must to soji oyato sa won te ti gbo ri. )up and down, down and up gimme that, laffy taffy came on she gave me head to the snaps- juelz^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^all fire!!!

I didn't know there were so many other people in the world who are in the same situation, so reading others' stories is reassuring in that I realise I'm not alone in my aloneness. And she's gonna treat him like **** because he's gonna kiss her *** for giving him what he's built-up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of human existance. And if you ask her about her marriage, she feels its ok and everything is fine. We've had talk after talk about how I need more physical affection and he claims he's crazy in love with me. honest with myself and allow you to blame me for the failure of our marriage.... As I sit here having a one sided conversation with my husband, I'm getting very little response in return. Things could be as simple as keeping her own nails clean or keeping the house clean. for more, as this life I've become entrapped in feels cold and desolate, so very lonely to me.

I would have stayed single 4 life and only had friends. It started a few months ago and our daughter asked my husband (h) and her father to sleep in her bed with her. I feel selfish for wanting to cuddle wanting to be kissed I just want to feel loved again I'm so lonely like most of the time I'm alone or any other site. I ask him where he was going, and he tells me he's leaving to Mexico for another week. Everyone loves her and she truly is a great person and a terrific mother. We got married 1.5 years ago and the second we got back from our honeymoon all affection and intimacy stopped like a light switch. Due to her anxiety or whatever it is - she gets distracted and does not take care of things.

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