Consolidating multiple itunes libraries who is suze orman dating

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There is no better tool for cleaning your hard drive from junk than Clean My Mac 3.

While some speed issues on the Mac simply cannot be resolved but using an app, many that can are covered in this comprehensive cleaning utility.

:-) Alternatively, is there a way we could maintain our separate accounts but still sync each others' devices in a way to get both sets of apps on each i Pad?

We've already made some redundant purchases (and thus wasted some $) and I'd like to avoid that in the future, if possible!

You may have to enter both passwords from time to time to authorize purchases, though.

I found some help setting this up from "Activating Home Sharing in i Tunes".

Many people may suggest just copying and pasting the i Tunes media files, which is fine if you just want the plain song, video, or pod cast but you should be warned that you will lose all of your metadata (read: playlists, ratings, play count) if you choose to go this way. In i Tunes on Computer B go to File-i Tunes folder on Computer A’s hard drive.

If you have spent a lifetime rating all of your songs and videos or make use of the ‘most played’ playlist that i Tunes automates for you, you’ll be unhappy to see all of that information disappear. This will create an XML file that holds the playlist and rating info on each of your songs, videos, etc. Select the file ending in (in my case, “i Tunes Music Library.xml”) and click Open. Now that your Computer A’s library is successfully saved on the EHD, you’ll need to import it in Computer B’s i Tunes. Connect the external hard drive (EHD) to Computer B. However, if you are among those who choose to pay for benefit of combining your i Tunes libraries, you do have another method you could use.

That way everyone's library and content is stored in the same place.Whatever the reason, I’m going to show you how to fix the problem so your technology can do what it was built to do: make your life easier.For this method you will need to export your library from the first computer (or user, as the case may be), and import it into the second computer as its final destination.To create multiple i Tunes libraries on your computer, follow these steps: Next, give the new i Tunes library you're creating a name.It's a good idea to give the new library a name sufficiently different from the existing library or libraries so you can keep them straight.

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