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Map - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Each thing Carbonite did, can be picked and chosen as you wish by installing it separately.

Now with this release, Carbonite itself is just the maps and nothing more.

One of the biggest complaints about Carbonite, both from a developer perspective and from a users has been that it was too large and tried to do too much.

Includes the ability to import a special gathermate2 release which fully populates your list.

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=================================== History =================================== Gnome Sequencer was originally written by semlar and released at

=================================== Making Addon Packs. =================================== See Wiki Page Luke/ - localization errors - 2.1.01-beta3 #310 - GSE 2.1.01 Beta 1 is giving Lua errors #307 - Verify location after character login in so macros are initialised with correct location config bug #292 - Command line option to scan and fix errors - /gs checkmacrosforerrors #305 - Filter by Spec - hide macros for other specs #298 - Allow import copy/paste from IE/Edge #306 - Editing a global macro creates a class-specific clone instead #297 - Identify and handle macros with errors enhancement #300 2.1.0 - Macro Reset - /gs updatemacrostrings and GUI options to update Macro Stubs for Macro Resets #294 - TOC and Library Update for 7.2 #293 - Localisation updates for #257 - logic update to match Step Function Assignment #276 - Extra Unit Tests for #276 - Heroic not saving state in editor #263 - Change Help on Export from "" to #260 - Improve efficiency of Transmission enhancement #256 - TOC returns a nil version to Transmission.Coremetrics uses several tags that are preset to collect different types of information (e.g.a “registration” tag that has slots for user info).


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