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Just remember The Cyanide & Happiness Show videos are available at our site My Watch Unlike many other popular webcomics, it has no common storyline and no consistent plot.We haven’t really discussed it much since, but I’d love to give it another go, and given my husband was the one who wanted to do it in the first place, I’m wondering if I should try to convince him, or just leave it?

He then officially became a fellow Cyanide and Happiness artist.

Whether sipped as an infused tea, taken as a supplement or sprinkled onto culinary dishes, this herb and its active constituents can be used to form a daily ritual contributing towards disease prevention and symptom alleviation.

There are a number of articles out there proclaiming the miraculous effects of turmeric, and their claims are almost unbelievable.

In the wake of the folding of flash stick figure website Stick Suicide in late 2004, three individuals, web designer Matt Melvin of San Diego along with artists Texas-born Rob Den Bleyker and Wyoming-er Kris Wilson (Also known as "Kris In A Hat") moved on immediately to form the website Explosm with the intent to host all of the existing creations of Den Bleyker and Wilson, but also with the intent to bring something new to the table.

Early in 2005, Matt Melvin, formerly only an administrator and designer for the website, began to make comic contributions.

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