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In fact, all the other app-based dating options feel a little unexciting to the Twitter generation.

But two (female) school friends from Wimbledon with no tech background whatsoever have finally got me feeling optimistic once more about the possibility of finding love on an i Phone screen.

Many unauthorized Kermit dating profiles popped up in the hours since the couple moved to Splitsville.

A spokeswoman for the Muppets later stated the Tinder posting was a fake, but did not provide more details about what would constitute a "real" Kermit Tinder account.

“Just got out of a long-term relationship and looking to get back on my feet,” the profile stated.

“Let me be your lean, green, lovin’ machine.” In case anyone didn’t recognize the star of ABC’s “The Muppets,” he identified himself as “Kermit, 37” under a picture of himself with Piggy, whose face is blurred out.

This means that girls have to make the first move." So women like me won't be bombarded by the online equivalent of dudes who shout “Nice tits, giz a smile” on the street? Meanwhile, the patient male participants won't have to tap 8,000 profiles (7,999 of which are spambots or half-marathon bores or the true originals who threaten “If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best...”) before getting an unenthusiastic nod in their general direction.

Antidate aims to combat many of the most common dating app grumbles.

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“What in the hell have you got to be so about all the time? “The sun is shining and everything is lovely, and I need to tell someone about the Tinder date I had last night! “It must be someone very inconsiderate and selfish. I merely want to spend this beautiful day with my best friend in the world! “And I can tell you confidently that I am neither inconsiderate nor selfish! “We have thought a lot about what irritates guys and girls about the current workings of the dating world and have set out to improve them," Kingsley-Miller continues."People post out-of-date pictures, just want to swipe or email but not to meet, or the profiles are entirely fake.

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