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Kowalsczewski’s father had detected faint wisps of air emerging from the scree, and the boy spent three years clearing away the rubble.

He eventually dug out a tight, thirty-meter-long passage that the thinnest members of the local caving club could squeeze through. There were animal bones and signs of bear activity, but nothing recent. The walls were punctuated by stalactites (the ones that hang down) and stalagmites (the ones that stick up).

It is proposed that grammar probably originated from the internal representation of actions, resulting in the creation of verbs; this is an ability that depends on the so-called Broca’s area and related brain networks.

It is suggested that grammar is the basic ability for the development of so-called metacognitive executive functions.

As a matter of fact, the origins and evolution of human language represent particularly complex and intriguing questions.

According to Christiansen and Kirby [28] understanding language evolution represents the hardest problem in contemporary science.

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Together with an international research team, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig present an initial draft of the genome sequence of the Neandertal, a human form which died out some 30,000 years ago.

Wij, Homo sapiens, zijn het resultaat van miljarden jaren evolutie.

Eencellige bacteriën zijn onze vroegste voorouders. Hieruit ontwikkelden zich steeds ingewikkelder levensvormen. Ze behielden steeds succesvolle eigenschappen van hun voorgangers.

Soorten die gescheiden zijn door een gebergte of zee lijken na verloop van tijd steeds minder op elkaar en worden aparte soorten.

Evolutie was er altijd en zal altijd blijven doorgaan.

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