Dating fender strat pickups polish dating norms

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It was also not uncommon for some necks to leave the factory without a neckdate, this appears to be a bit more common among guitars from the late 1980's.

I have also come across a few late 1980's reissues with hand written neckdates with the last digit of the year missing.

My intent with this site is to educate those who are on the hunt for that last affordable vintage Fender Stratocaster.

Have a read through and hopefully you will pickup a few things to better assert yourself in the late 70's Stratocasters buyer's market. M = Model or Manufacturer O = Operator N = Neck configuration W = Week Y = Year D = Day Neck Stamps: MMNN*WWYD Example: 0900*3893 - Found on the very end of the neck heel, if at all, in green or dark red ink.

Neck dating protocol went through many changes throughout the years.

All AVRI strat necks were finished in a thin nitrocellulose finish.

The decal on the headstock was placed over the nitro finish, so it is not uncommon to see instruments with imperfect decals.

One was like volume 5, treble 5, mid 7, bass 7, reverb 4.

Onother was like volume 7, treble 5, mid 7, bass 7, reverb 2.

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