Dating giving up

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I’d had my fair share of “having fun” with guys I knew I wouldn’t marry, but as I grew older and watched my sisters find amazing partners to share their lives with, I realized that if this was something I really wanted, I needed to make it a bigger priority in my life. All signs pointed to online dating, so I spent a couple days crafting a killer profile that showed off my personality and passions.In less than a day I was flooded with messages, profile views, compliments, and likes.

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If someone is passionate about something, there’s a reason.

At work, I was known as the girl with endless dating stories—so much so it almost became my identity.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was reflecting on some goals I had created for myself at the beginning of the year.

I realized that, at best, I didn't remember most of the names of the guys I did this for, because they were mostly two-date randoms.

And if I did remember their names, it was because they were horrible to me. " And is tossing the foundation and embracing the sweatpants a sign of defeat, or a sign of empowerment?

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