Dating glass by color archaeology

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Most scholars now eliminate the Egyptians, the Sea Peoples and the rival Canaanite city-states as suspects, largely accepting the claim expressed in the opening quote from the Book of Joshua that it was the Israelites who destroyed Hazor in the course of their ultimate conquest of Canaan.

As the point where three of the world’s major religions converge, Israel’s history is one of the richest and most complex in the world.

[…] Israel burned none of the towns that stood on mounds except Hazor, which Joshua did burn.”—Joshua –13 It was only natural that the expressive Biblical account of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan guided the earliest archaeological investigations in the Land of Israel. The Biblical Book of Joshua and historical documents from the second millennium B. The Late Bronze Age city of Hazor—located on a mound seven miles north of the Sea of Galilee—boasted an impressive acropolis with temple and palace buildings as well as a lower city spread out below the tell.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, archaeologists turned their attention to Jericho, Lachish (then identified with Tell el-Hesi), ‘Ai and Bethel, all of which were reportedly conquered in the latter part of the 13th century B. One major discovery remains elusive, however: Where are Hazor’s cuneiform archives?

But Heinrich is no less a problematic figure than his son: his legacy includes one of the most vicious attacks ever carried out by European colonists on Africans, Germany's 1904 War of Extermination against the Herero.Despite all I'd read about Africa, my first impressions upon being there were overwhelming.As I walked the streets of Windhoek, the capital of newly independent Namibia, I saw black Herero people and black Ovambo; I saw Nama, a group quite unlike the blacks in appearance; I saw whites, descendants of recent European immigrants; and outside Windhoek I saw the last of the formerly widespread Kalahari Bushmen struggling for survival.(Keville, Green) Since the Egyptians, each subsequent civilization invented unique words that referred to cosmetics and fragrance as one science, but the science eroded after Rome.Anthropologists speculate that primitive perfumery began with the burning of gums and resins for incense.

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