Dating outside your religion america dating nigerian

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In the end, what matters is that both parties work together to create a safe and open environment for their children.

See it as an opportunity to have an open dialogue about religion, faith and spirituality. “My mom wanted us to baptize him as an infant in a Catholic church, but my husband wanted a Baptist baptism, which takes place after the child is 13.” To compromise, she did both — and lied to her mother.

Skin color is just the product packaging, but what happens when it's what's inside that is completely different?

my religins has rules about marrage ." the man can marry a chrestian or jewish woman .

but moslem women not allowed to marry other than moslems unless they change there religion to islamic religion .

if i'm not a moslim i would say :the understanding between the husband and wife would break any religous barriers . MB wrote "That is why I almost prefer my spouse to be someone without strong religious convictions.

I don't really care what they identify with, as long as they are open minded, can have meaningful dialogue, and do not force others to see the "correctness" of their religion." This is in many ways close to my situation, in which my wife and I have different religious upbringings, but neither of us feel we have the "right way" for, religion is not a strong part of our lives -- it is not something we count among our supports the way many people do.

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