Dating rca tube liquidating credit cards

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Finding the code could be very easy, but occasionally it’s quite challenging.

Start with naked eye and if you can’t find it use magnifying glass.

Tubes are of various old stock brands, unless otherwise noted.

We are constantly searching for tubes to replenish our stocks.

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During its first decade, General Electric and Westinghouse made tubes for RCA, and the tubes and boxes were marked as such until about 1925, after which they bore only RCA markings. The are for the GE versions of the UV200 and UV201 tubes. Many of these companies failed to bother with the minor formality of paying licensing fees to RCA (who controlled key patents), so many of these off-brand UX-201A's were "bootlegs". The box on the left would be from this period, and shows General Electric as the manufacturer.

Dating tube boxes is not always easy, as RCA's tubes were made in a number of different factories, and it was normal for one factory to continue to use an older box style while another factory used a newer one. The two boxes on the left are the earliest, and were in use from Dec. The next two boxes are somewhat later, having lost the GE designation.

) 6189 data sheet (PDF, 412k B) 7044 data sheet (PDF, 224k B) 8950 data sheet (PDF, 320k B) Glow Lamp Manual (1965) ( 1953 Data and Circuits of TV Receiver Valves (PDF, 16Mk B) - Includes tube data and applications of a number of Philips tubes in TV sets.

Courtesy of John Atwood 1938 Philips Miniwatt short-form data (12MB PDF file) 1937 Receiving Tubes (PDF, 7.6Mk B) - Courtesy of John Atwood 1938 "Handbook of Amateur Tube Uses" (6.6MB PDF file) - Data on the Raytheon "RK-series" of transmitting tubes (as well as a few others), and some applications info. Courtesy of John Atwood 1939 "Handbook of Amateur Tube Uses" (PDF, 134k B) - Courtesy of John Atwood 1940 Characteristic Data Chart (PDF, 1.5MB) - Courtesy of John Atwood "Raytheon Special Purpose Tube Characteristics (8.5MB PDF file) - short data on special tubes including subminiature types, crystal diodes, etc.

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