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If you are one of the WWE's tens of millions of religious fans, perhaps you did.For the remainder of us, those more likely to think ' The Rock' was actually cooked up in Hollywood, let me be clear, we have a of WWE catching up to do.That’s my way of seeing him and I love that and I can’t wait to meet him. When you don’t have a child and you’re a hard worker who’s always on the go, you’re on a fast pace.

Don't worry, when the charge shows up on your statement no one will know the it's from a porn site. There's no worries when it comes to your significant other finding out you joined a porn site. We're constantly adding new content to our members area.

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This is why when my very committed kids ask (plead) if they can watch the E! How many times have I asked them if, say, there happen to be any Black WWE wrestlers they admire? Die-hard WWE fans of all ages are deeply invested in the twists and turns their favorite characters take in the ring both physically—and though their dialogue.

It's a world of bodily theatrics and emotional drama, one defined by ongoing, unresolvable—unless I crash you in the head with this chair—beef.

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