Elizabethan dating customs

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Children were subservient to the adults in the family.They were raised to respect and obey their parents.The chief difference between then and today, is that back then the woman possessed very little right in choosing her husband.The matrimony was arranged by families of the bride and the groom in order for the two sides to benefit from one another.The 'Lost Years', William Shakespeare's actual appearance, William Shakespeare's plays, William Shakespeare's sonnets, and his breadth of knowledge and the Identity Problem to name but a few! There are over 100 references to William Shakespeare and his family in Public records such as Registrar and Court records containing wills, baptism, marriage and Death certificates.

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We have categorised this William Shakespeare Biography, or bio, into sections to facilitate easy reference.

These range from a section on Shakespeare's ancestors to his education and from William Shakespeare's brothers and sisters to Shakespeare's acting career.

For an alternative quick and simple question and answer format we highly recommend the following William Shakespeare Biography website: Due to amount of information available we have detailed the William Shakespeare biography in to specific sections.

Couples usually met each other ON the day of the wedding .

This was a very well known tradition among well known nobilities.

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