Error validating name joining domain scam dating profiles

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Local Cache$Segment.locked Get Or Load(Local Jan 31 server.marathon[5373]: at

Local Cache$Segment.get(Local Jan 31 server.marathon[5373]: at

which is the logon name of a user I created in the active directory.

I get the following error when trying to join that user to the domain: "There was an error validating the domain name. I understand what this means at least, but I don't know how to resolve it, and according to all three of my colleagues, they tell me DNS is working as it should. I've also noticed that the IP addresses of the DNS servers on both the server and my Windows 7 Professional client are the same at all times because external requests are forwarded automatically to comcast's DNS server.

I'm in the process of getting my MCITP in Windows server administration, so bear with me. IN SOA - ( client (.): query: .IN SOA - ( @Håkan Part of the confusion was that they were apparently attempting to add the forwarder using the server name during the first attempt, which does ghost the OK box and prevent them from continuing.i was facing the same problem and fixed thank for the god. the problem it was in the sort of the DNS IP on the NIC card in the Primary domain must be in the preferred (Primary domain IP) and the alternative is (secondry DC) for all the secondary : in the preferred (seconder domain IP) and the alternative is (Primary DC).

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