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Hi everyone, If you’re having trouble sharing to Facebook, such as the wrong image showing up or the track link not showing an image at all, this sometimes happens when updates have been made to your Sound Cloud profile and Facebook is trying to reach the older information.To resolve this you will need to debug your track link by copying and pasting it here.

I noticed after midnight on New Years' that my brandy-new Droid 2 Global no longer updated Facebook (using the native Moto "Social Networking" widget) and no longer updated the News Feeds.Any ideas/input (especially from Tech Support) would be welcome! Unlike Twitter, which shows you every single tweet from people you follow (and from some you don’t), Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what to show you.Soft-reset no help, tried syncing all the networks, no help, deleted and replaced the widgets on the screen, now whenever I tried to connect the Facebook widget on the Settings Accounts feature, it returns "Error adding account - Your request was denied, please try again." When I try to subscribe to a news feed, I get "Error - Try again later." It's been doing this for three days now.Can't think that I'm alone in this, since on the Droid Forum pages there were a few threads that discussed something similar happening in June, 2010, about the time there was an update.

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