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Year sold: 2007“Tandberg Data, a leading global supplier and manufacturer of backup and archiving solutions, decided to take the cash offer for from Tandberg, a leading global provider of visual communication products and services with dual headquarters in New York and Norway,” The DN Journal wrote at the time of the sale. Date sold: November 2013was sold through the Moniker/Snap Names brokerage firm for .4 million in late 2013.

If there's one issue we have (besides the poor horse), it's that this guy feels like he already could have become the Saint, without the lashings of brutal and then tragic backstory.

Some have been squatted on for 20 years and have only recently traded hands.

We scoured domain name resource DN Journal and put together a list of documented million-dollar, domain-only “.com” sales.

For them their phones are mainly for calling and texting. Even those who do have smartphones don’t necessarily want to be playing , or any of the other mobile games available in app form.

Thankfully there are a host of texting games you can play instead. These can (with unlimited text bundles) provide free fun for playing with family and friends.

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