Gemini dating cancer

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Likely they love each other’s company while the sound of each other’s voice is this side of heaven.Gemini keeps things interesting while Cancer provides a serene anchor in a busy whirl of interests and activities.I must get about twenty emails a week from my readers asking me to look in detail at the love match potential between Gemini and Cancer.This is a really hot topic this year since the prospects for Gemini and marriage are actually very positive.

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Cancer will dip from the deep blues of depression to their lavender-hued rosy pink laughter.After that they will whip out the camera and start snapping away.They both share a love of photography along with Leo and Pisces.Well, let's see: could it be the fact that you spend hours on the phone and Cancer is usually jealous?Could it be the fact that you don't stay at home too much?

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