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Where other people saw individual models, Fender saw an ongoing project that kept refining his ideas about the electric guitar. That is less than most companies make in half a year!

With monthly production totals less than 800, Leo was making more guitars at his old company in the 1950s than at G&L!

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They incorporated in ’72 and in ’73 changed the name to Musitek, which proved difficult to pronounce, so Leo came up with Music Man.

Fender did not actively promote his involvement with Music Man, but it was never really a secret.

If guitars are in your blood – really in your blood – you can’t walk away from them.

G&L has had two primary serial number schemes throughout its life.In the late 1970s, the controlling interest at (pre-Ernie Ball) Music Man was making offers to purchase Leo Fender's CLF guitar production facility.Fender and George Fullerton turned down repeated offers, and Music Man began cutting production orders.There’s no point in cataloging Leo Fender’s contributions here. Certainly, no brand is more recognizable than Fender.However, there are other names on the musical landscape that are not so obviously the children of Leo Fender, as represented here by this ’81 G&L F-100-I.

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