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Far from the harsh reception he was expecting, the prodigal found himself warmly welcomed by the father he had let down so badly. In 1936, Scott’s son John set up a handsomely endowed trust ‘to secure the financial and editorial independence of the Guardian in perpetuity and to safeguard the journalistic freedom and liberal values of the Guardian free from commercial or political interference’. But what perhaps the Scott family didn’t realise was that by liberating the paper from grubby commercial constraints, they were also freeing its journalists from the need to write anything that might interest readers, or reflect their concerns, enough to persuade them to buy it.The paper’s staff knew that no matter how carelessly they frittered away their inheritance, they could always rely on Daddy — in the form of the Scott Trust — to pick up the bills.The only wonder is that they have managed to keep going for so long, burning up the trust’s banknotes with losses running into tens of millions of pounds a year.Meanwhile, the irony has never seemed to occur to them, as they pontificated against the exploitation of workers, that they themselves have been living like aristocratic absentee landlords at the expense of poor toilers in the trust’s profitable companies.So was another officer, played by a brand-new, rather glamorous signing to the series, whose character’s life was dispensed with so rapidly it was reminiscent of the mega-budget Game of Thrones’ rather cavalier propensity for killing off its star actors.

Initially, instead of a swiping motion, users would click on either a green "heart" or red "o Xo" to select or move on from the photos shown.

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Rad and Mateen had known each other since they were fourteen.

They later attended USC together and entered the Internet entrepreneurship field.

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