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One caveat: Statistics don't tell how many single moms are with a partner (and choosing not to get married), how many live with family (so they have some help around), and how many are truly alone.But the point is, there are a lot of single moms out there. Even so, single mothers agree that even when overwhelmed, there's usually a way to work out problems.After a time, I got back on my feet and ventured out. A lot more single moms than I had ever noticed before. It's an all-time high -- and it's not due to teen moms (teen motherhood is at its lowest rate in 65 years).Births to unmarried women ages 25 to 29 are up 30 percent since 1991; births to unmarried women ages 30 to 44 are up 17 percent. You’re happy, you’re enjoying the flirtatious texting, you’re in a good place, but you’re a single mom. If your children are old enough and mature enough, discuss how they feel about it. Take your time when introducing your new man to your children and having him sleep over.And Baumgartner says that single parents need to consider that this may be true.

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She didn't want her daughter to be scared and she was afraid the men would hurt them both.The rest is straight out of every woman's nightmare.Now 31 years old, Taylor recounted the tale of her horrific night in a lengthy and detailed piece published on I was a hormonal, heartbroken 28-year-old, and in between work hours spent editing textbooks, I nursed Mae and mashed up baby food. It didn't help that there were no single-mom role models in my life -- except, say, Madonna, who was also parenting solo at the time., I used to think, but I hardly had a superstar's life.

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