Hampden watch dating

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The company started with an 18s 3/4 plate model signed "Springfield." and a 16s 3/4 plate "State Street" model that featured steel parts and gold-plated balance and escape wheels.

The company became the Hampden Watch Company in 1877. Dueber had been manufacturing watch cases since 1864 and bought controlling interest in a case company in about 1886.

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Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.

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Many watch companies made hundreds of thousands of watches, and some companies made millions of watches!

It would be impractical to list the individual serial numbers of EVERY watch made... Our serial number tables list RANGES of serial numbers.

Hampden produced some very fine quality watches, and introduced the first 16 size, 23 jewel movement made in America.

Dueber controlled all aspects of the company from manufacturing to sales.

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