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But I’ll get to know East Hampton a little bit better this summer,” she says.“I don’t know it that well except to go to the movies or visit the gallery there that has my favorite painter Hunt Slonem’s paintings.” Röhm is also making sure to set aside some time for romantic evenings.

It became apparent that Vanessa and Dan have history, and they dated in the past.

New York University School of Law has a financial hardship policy.

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She simply states that his annual christmas CD mix is more than enough. Vanessa spends a lot of time with the Humphrey family, sharing a close bond with all of them since they've all known her for such a long time. When Dan becomes friends with Nate, and Nate starts dating Vanessa they all become close.

Vanessa also helps out Rufus Humphrey out a lot too, and in some of the episodes has a rivalry like relationship with Jenny since both of them have feelings for Nate.

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