Hong kong dating titi

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MANILA, Philippines—Makati is among Asia’s top cities with the “most promiscuous” men, according to a recently released online dating study.

The study, which involved 10,000 members of dating website Seeking Arrangement.com, found that around three in every four men in Makati (77 percent) reported having more than five sexual partners per year.

We climb a wooden ladder that winds round the trunk of a giant kapok tree, emerging high above the canopy.

It is utterly silent apart from the splash of the paddles and the occasional song of a bird.There is a common misconception in the West that Asian men are not as promiscuous as Americans,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of Seeking Because of the fast-paced lifestyle in these cities, men are always looking to relieve stress.In a city where the market is constantly changing, so goes the dating pool,” he added.Makati ranks third, next to the top two cities—Bangkok in Thailand and Osaka in Japan, where around four in every five men reported having more than five sexual partners in a year (83 percent and 80 percent, respectively).In number one city Bangkok, 79 percent reported having four or more sexual partners annually, according to the study.

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