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Though it generally permits the modern practice, the Catholic Church has historically opposed interest, called usury, like that charged by credit cards (who are today regulated, and often violate, anti-usury laws in most states and for good reason.

Im just a simple woman and loving mother of my two kids and i grew up in the philipines and my hobbies is singing as i can and i dont have much hobbies because I prefer stay at house and do some things connected to my About myself I can tell you that I am a sincere, honest, modest, warm and loving.

I like to travel and learn Iam a woman strong but who feels alone. First of all I'm purposeful and try to achieve every goal I set for myself.

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thrilling and full of twists…the hook at the end of each episode is always something I have enjoyed a lot even though it’s frustrating, but in a good way!

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