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It’s about time I upgraded my Blu-Ray player I think, and has come through for me by sending a very nice Panasonic unit for review.

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At his day job in the aerospace industry, he is never too far away from the latest FWC related news thanks to Google Reader on the i Phone. If you don’t live near a Costco, you can pick the Sony BDP-S350 for 4.99 from Amazon right now.

Oppo has been touted by fans, enthusiasts, and industry professionals as being the best bang for buck in the DVD market.

If you haven't owned one, you know someone that has.

Their new Blu-ray player has just landed at our local Costco (Seattle Area), and is badged as the Sony BDP-BX1 Blu-ray Player.

Meaning that if you make life so difficult for those who purchase a Sony player and try to buy original media as far as possible, why should I bother to play fair? - Sony rootkit scandal (seems Sony is at the root of a lot of evil), - intrusive DRM that makes legally purchase music unplayable on many devices and even makes it difficult for you to play on multiple instances of your own devices, - high-priced cinema tickets coupled with a failure to assure the quality of the viewing experience, along with the inflicting of ads on paying moviegoers (the ads, ironically enough, include anti-piracy ones - it's like lecturing cops not to shoplift ), - reneging on previously agreed-upon "fair use" standards when it comes to your own purchased media - frivolous litigation of children, the elderly, and even people playing the radio in their places of business, with ridiculous damages sought, and often awarded. Needless to say, I believe there's no more "moral dimension" to the whole copyright thing. I agreed with two hands up Correction for my earlier thread........conclusion.......

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