Intimidating your children

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Anyone can put on intimidating behaviors anywhere, such as school, work, at the mall, or even at traffic.At work, the behaviors are typically found in forms of verbal abuse or degrading the employee and their position. And even if you have a disagreement, it shouldn’t become a screaming match.

The qualities that you find intimidating are probably the ones that you wish that you had yourself.

By building yourself up — rather than tearing others down — you can feel more confident when interacting with others. You don't have to have expensive clothes, but you do need to present yourself looking your best.

If you're dropping your kids off at school in your pajamas, while all the other parents are dressed for business, you may feel intimidated by the other moms and dads.

Breaking things, getting up in your face, using strength to scare or hurt you, pressuring you to have sex or threatening self harm, are all dangerous and really scary things to do. It’s Like My Relationship If your boyfriend or girlfriend is using threats or intimidation to control you, consider the following tips: It’s ok to care about someone and not want them to hurt themselves.

If they’re threatening self-harm and you feel like they might be serious, let them know there is help by giving them the suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-8255.

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