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“I’m kind of a tomboy, but at heart — secretly — a girly girl. ” The irony of that joke is that two summers ago, Francesca caused a stir for lighting a red Birkin bag on fire for an art project with photographer — and her boyfriend at the time — Tyler Shields. “It was surprising to me when it got twisted into, like, me being spoiled and burning 0,000,” Francesca explains. It’s the same thing as in a movie when they blow up a car.

She accessorized with a black leather tote bag and an on-trend velvet burgundy choker.

The Pacific Rim star layered a grey hoodie and green military jacket over his laid-back look as well as a red fedora.

Francesca's scruffy-faced beau was quite a gentlemen as he reached for the door to open it for his lady love.

“When I was 16,” she says, “I was obsessed with this guy who loved doo-wop. ’ “ ‘Sea of Love,’ Phil Phillips, that stuff really melts my heart.” But when Francesca shows up for lunch in Hollywood, she’s the picture of another era altogether.

The actress wears ripped-up, rolled-up vintage Levi’s, high-top white Converse sneakers and a white Brandy Melville tank with a black bodice underneath, with a plaid shirt draped over her chair.

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