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UFC will not want to lose the most bankable star on their roster, Mc Gregor will not want to burn his bridges, while the window of opportunity for 39-year-old Mayweather is a perilously small one. I’m not taking a pay-cut,” Mc Gregor told ESPN’s Sunday Conversation show last year, point blank demanding an equal fee to Mayweather.

There are many different reasons why the UFC may find themselves forced to dig in their heels, though. For all of the UFC’s many successes over the past few years, the organisation boasts only two genuinely mainstream stars: Mc Gregor and 30-year-old Olympic bronze medallist Rousey. Once this pair of 0m deductions are made from the revenue stream (assuming Mayweather accepts a similar fee to the one he took for the Pacquiao fight), along with various other windfalls: where does the UFC’s record pay-day come from?

It's theatre, but who doesn't enjoy pantomime season?

For every lover of boxing, with all its quirks and imperfections, we also have those hardened by their old-school views.

Dat leverde hem de wereldtitel (WBC) in het weltergewicht op.Sky Sports have asked some of boxing’s most powerful figures if this proposed fight is good for their beloved sport…You can almost imagine Conor Mc Gregor, the UFC champion, angrily pacing the streets of Las Vegas in his snakeskin loafers - 'Where's Floyd? 'Alas, it is not so simple to pick a fight, even if you stand undisputed at the pinnacle of your sport as both Mc Gregor and his would-be dance partner Floyd Mayweather proudly do.Hij won driemaal de nationale Golden Gloves en brons op de Olympische Spelen van 1996.Na een onderbreking van 16 maanden maakte hij een geslaagde comeback.

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