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We played all kinds of gigs together, but it was never going to be a long term deal. Now I work with my wife who is not only a phenomenal singer and piano player, but she's a great straight woman and they're calling us the new George Burns and Gracie Allen... Marty Allen: Well, all of these things were amicable.

It was good for a while, but it was in the period in which I was developing.

This was the training period in which you try to build yourself and figure out who you are. Smith and Dale were the Martin and Lewis of that era.

Kliph Nesteroff: Before you and Mitch De Wood broke up you had a taste of big time show business. I read that on your closing night you had both Jackie Robinson and the Duchess of Windsor in the crowd. Marty Allen: Well, there were a lot of people that wrote for us. I couldn't say it was Bob Hope's writer or this one's writer.

I was a regular on the Auntie Dee show for a number of years.Most theaters were divided into three sections; orchestra, balcony and gallery- with the gallery being the cheap seats.Patrons who frequented the gallery were usually working class folk who would show their displeasure with onstage performers by pelting them with peanut shells.You and your comedy partner Rex Dale playing The Monte Carlo in Pittsburgh. You were on the bill with a female tap dancer named Lu Claire and a singer named Mildred Don and...

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